Aeons are cyborgs integrating a mostly biological being with a substantial mechanical infrastructure, including a cockpit inserted into the lyrnax which the pilot sits and controls the Aeon actions, though the extent of this control can waver. The only beings who can pilot Aeons are Seraphim who possess soul stones. The original pilots were handpicked at creation and given a soul stone corresponding with their Aeon. They then received special training by Lucifer to prepare them for piloting the Aeons. The soul stone allows a pilot to psychically synchronize with their Aeon S2 Zohar Drive.

The pilots wear Ebony Armor to achieve better synchronization with their Aeons. Although the Aeons wear Heavenly Aegis Armor, their most significant defense is the Active Threat Barrier (AT Barrier for short), a type of barrier which protects the Aeons from all forms of damage to varying degrees and can be used to disrupt other AT Barriers.

Aeons are powered by S2 Zohar Drive fueled by their pilot’s Reiryoku (spiritual energy) directly from Zohar Gates “source of infinite energy”. Aeons acquire the abilities of their pilot when linked and are capable of self-regeneration low levels of self-awareness. Aeons remain dormant until summoned by their pilot, but when in operation they greatly augment their pilot’s fighting capabilities a 1000 fold. However, this comes at a cost of because the pilot must expend enormous amounts of Reiryoku to power the S2 Zohar Drive.

To pilot an Aeon, an angel must:

  • Be in possession of a soul stone compatible to the one placed in the core of that Aeon.
  • Possess a very high Reiryoku level in order to activate the S2 Zohar Drive.
  • Be durable enough to withstand the physical and psychic trauma from the linking process.